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September Cardiff performed and gave an amazing lesson on Bullying with our class today. She immediately engaged the students with her puppet and entertaining words of wisdom. Her magic tricks were jaw dropping for the students, but, more importantly, related to the importance of self-worth, avoiding confrontation, and seeking help, among other important character building skills. Mrs. Cardiff incorporated many interactive activities like singing, movement, and audience participation that kept the students attentive throughout her show. Mrs. Cardiff referenced many helpful strategies and social scenarios that the students were able to relate to. The students also learned important skills through discussions and shared experiences. Mrs. Cardiff challenged the class to be bucket fillers and created a system of positive reinforcement that will extend her teachings on good behaviors and help with classroom management! Any school would benefit from Mrs. Cardiff’s engaging and relevant presentation on bullying!

Kind regards, Natalia Martinez, M. Ed Resource Teacher/Special Ed. Dept. Chair George Washington Carver Elementary

What an amazing day! I had the pleasure of having September Cardiff spend the day with me and perform for my 6th 7th and 8th grade theatre arts students.  Her show was fantastic! She delivered a wonderful message of believing in yourself and developing friendships through a performance filled with laughter and magic tricks!  My kids were engaged, attentive and very entertained by her show - as was I!  She also touched on concepts and skills currently taught in my class.  This show can be used as an anti-bullying campaign as well, with additional time and a few of her changes in terminology.  I know my students left with positive feelings about themselves as well as a heartfelt willingness to befriend their fellow classmates. -Shelley Henrey RHMS