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Miss September can put together a show for any Holiday or party needs! Give her a call and discuss your needs and what the possibilities can be for your business!




4th Of July


St. Patrick’s Day

Valentine’s Day


How long do your programs last?

Most of my programs last for 45 minutes. I can adapt to whatever your needs might be.


Are you available on the date I need?
My calendar is online and should be up to date. Click here to see the dates I am booked and available.


Can we schedule two different programs on the same day?
It is possible. It depends on timing and the location of the performances. Call and we can discuss the details. I will try to be as accommodating as I possibly can!

What do the terms “Half Day” and “Full Day” mean?
Full day starts as early as you need and ends when the school day ends. This can be divided however you want, but usually it consists of 2-4 programs. It is also possible to split the full day between another school with no additional charge, so that each school pays only a portion of the travel fees. In other words, it is much cheaper to have two schools coordinate and split a full day and split the travel fees, than for each of them to pay travel fees.

Half-day runs either from the start of the school day until lunch time, or from just after lunch until the end of the school day. This allows for 1 or 2 programs per half-day.

How many students can participate in your assemblies?
I have performed for groups as small as 20 and as large as 500.  For optimum educational impact, I suggest 200-300 students of similar age as a maximum number per presentation. If you have more than 175 students per assembly, we recommend a raised platform/stage or elevated seating (bleachers) and/or multiple presentations.


Do we need to provide you with a P.A. System?
No, I bring my own microphones and sound system. 



What do you need our school/library to provide?
I bring everything we need for the programs except the warm bodies and electricity.  However, if you have a cleared stage or raised platform with steps, this is always a plus. A couple of water bottles would be nice if you have them, just in case I forget to bring my own. My shows are pretty much non-fuss programs, and don’t require a lot.

How far will you travel?
I will travel most anywhere; however, I perform most of my programs in Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina.  (PA) When I travel, I try to block book an area. If several schools in the same area schedule programs I will work with the travel fees.

What age/grade levels are the programs designed for?
Most of our programs are for K-5th grade. I differentiate vocabulary and key concepts to meet the audience needs. My Anti-Bullying show is for middle Schoolers as well as K-5


Is the best idea to divide our students by grade level?
Educationally this is a wise decision as it allows me to present age-appropriate content. However, from a practical standpoint, we know this is not always possible, nor is it required. Ideal divisions are primary (K-2) and intermediate (3-5), or one grade per assembly.


How much time do we need to allow between assembly programs?
Typically I can reset most of the programs in the time it takes to dismiss one group and bring in the next group (about 10-15 minutes). Most schools schedule shows an hour apart (45 minutes for the show, 15 minutes for transition).

Will you modify or customize a program at our request?
YES, if the changes do not impact the educational significance of the program. If you need specific topics discussed, please call me and we can talk about your specific needs.


300.00 per show and 150.00 for each additional show-up to 4 shows in one day. There is an additional .60 per mile from Georgetown, KY, OR Richmond Hill, GA, Travel Fee.

When is payment due?

I prefer to get paid on the performance day, but I understand that processing paperwork through the system can be time-consuming and frustrating and that you may not have control over the process. If payment will not be ready on the day of the performance, please call or e-mail me and let me know.

 1-45 minute program $300 (plus travel fee)

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