• An additional $50 for each show-up to 4 shows in one day at one location.
  • If you arrange for another group in your area to book a show, your school, library, or business will receive $25 off 
  • I can perform at 2 different locations on the same day if they are close enough to travel to with sufficient amount of time to set up and take down in between shows.
  • A travel fee of $.50/mile will apply if location is over 30 miles from Richmond Hill, GA.
  • An evening program is a great way to bring people out to your school,church, or business to promote book fairs, reward programs, PTO meetings, and FUNDRAISERS.
  • These programs can go hand in hand with the daytime assembly programs. (Students get excited when they have an opportunity to return with their families to see an evening show and share the excitement they have had earlier that day.)
  • The evening show will be a different show of your choice from the daytime assembly program that day.
  • The evening programs are an additional $200 if a daytime assembly program is scheduled on the same day
  • Group MAGIC classes

  • Group THEATER classes

  • Group MOTIVATIONAL classes

  • (Leadership skills, character development, bully prevention) 


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