Michelle Gonzales, Media Specialist, Blandford Elementary
September's show was very instructional. She was organized, punctual, and able to control large crowds with movement and interaction. My students talked about that show for weeks, and many came lookingfor the “eye” that would be watching them in the library. You’ll have to see the show to find out what I mean.
Lisa Clancy, Riverview Charter School, SC
"Miss Tember" was a hit with the children at my school! Her energy was infectious and her personality both warm and inviting - a great teacher! The Bat Momma kept the children engaged and laughing while motivating them to read! That's success!! A favorite of the storytelling hour was when she shared the story she wrote in the book "BATTY OVER BOOKS". The children LOVED it! Her visit was a huge success and we look forward to the next!!~
Sharon Smiley, Gould Elementary
The third grade students at Gould Elementary School truly went batty when September Cardiff presented her show, "Batty Over Books". September has the personality and the magical qualities it takes to draw the children into her world of book exploration and reading. They were excited to meet and interact with a real-live author, and learn what it takes to bring thoughts and ideas to life in a book. They were equally excited to meet the illustrator, and participate in the magic of the show. "Batty Over Books" is a show that is designed to motivate children, not just to read, but to realize that they too can tell their own stories, and perhaps one day become like "Miss Tember", and publish their own books. Since September's visit to our school, I have witnessed an increase in the number of books my students are reading. They are definitely taking the promise they made to Miss Tember to go "Batty Over Books" very serious. I am sure they will treasure their club member certificate, signed by Batty Bob and Miss Tember.September, AKA
Susan Huennekens, Teacher Carver Elementary School Richmond Hill, GA
September Cardiff is truly amazing at her craft! I have known her for several years and am very impressed at the level of devotion she has to children! She truly loves kids and loves reading! She has visited my classroom on several occasions to read to my students. The kids always LOVE when she comes for a visit! The most memorable times were when she presented the following two programs. The first time she visited our classroom, her theme was "Fall into a Good Book" and she presented her reading program dressed as a "Care Crow, not a Scarecrow!". She spoke to the kids about doing the right thing, caring for one another and to love reading. Word soon got out amongst the other students and teachers about her fantastic storytelling abilities. At the second program, "Batty Over Books", she came dressed as "BAT MOMMA!" There were over 120 kids in attendance. The kids were ecstatic! They watched her every move with anticipation! She kept the kids attention by calling on hands to come up front and volunteer and also to ask questions about her book. She had magic tricks and songs that kept the kids very involved and entertained. I would highly recommend September Cardiff to come share her talents. You won't be disappointed!~
Sarah Chancellor, Alexander II!!!" 
"Miss Tember came to see us at Alexander II as a special guest to our students who reached their Accelerated Reader goal for the 9 weeks. She was fantastic. The students were engaged and entertained the entire 45 minute program. They loved hearing the story and seeing the illustrations from September's new book. Students were especially excited when asked to participate in the magic tricks. September clearly has experience with children as she was able to manage a rather large group of students K-5 in one program! We can't wait for her to come back and visit us again at
Alexander II!!!" 
My students enjoyed having Miss Tember as the Cat in the Hat! It was a wonderful way to kick off our birthday celebration. They loved her magic, stories, energizing personality, and they are still asking if she would bring back her purple puppet Horton. They also loved drawing there new animals, which brought out the imagination in all of the students. September Cardiff will definitely be on our calendar next year. I’m excited to have her present another show next Fall as she comes in as a scarecrow with her “Fall into reading program, which will also be on friendship. It will also be good to help the students recognize the importance of caring for others.

Cheri Norden


September has enthusiasm and personality that lights up the stage. She does a great job at getting the kids involved and holding their attention. Even the younger students were well behaved because of her ability to control and engage her audiance.



Diana Anderson, Liberty
From the moment September stepped out of her vehicle and into our gym I knew that I had made the right decision! September is SOOO sweet and SOOO genuine that I immediately fell in love with her and felt a “kindred” kind of bond with her. But then…the real test came when the students began entering the gym for her program. She immediately started interacting with them, so there was no “down time” while the gym was populated with students who were anxious to be entertained. September’s infectious energy and loving spirit spilled over to the mass of students sitting on the floor in front of her. During the entire duration of the program, the students were not only engaged and focused, but they were excited as they anticipated what would happen next and as they wondered which students would be asked to come up front to participate in the program. From the magic tricks…to the storytelling…to the humorous presentation…to the costume…to the wealth of information presented about how to write and publish their own books……the students (and the staff) loved September Cardiff!





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Susan Fuentes" <SFuentes@long.k12.ga.us> (Add as Preferred Sender) Date: Mon, Mar 10, 2014 10:14 am To: GeorgiaMedia >


Hi everyone, We recently hosted Mrs. September Cardiff of http://temberstales.com/ as a culminating event for our Read Across America week of events. Her show was great fun for all of our students. It was appropriately paced and very interactive. She is great to work with and truly loves performing for students. I have included her link. She has several different shows to choose from. Thanks! Susan


Fuentes Susan Fuentes Media Specialist Smiley Elementary School sfuentes@long.k12.ga.us 912-545-2147 1530 Ga. Hwy 57

Peggy Helmly, Media Specialist, Effingham Elem.


I would like to add my endorsement of September Cardiff. She presented her Batty Over Books program to our pre-k through 3rd grade during Children's Book Week and did an outstanding job. She was on the schedule at the end of the day for our school and she held our little ones enthralled with her upbeat music, magic tricks, audience participation, and talk about the importance of reading. If you have that last bit of money in your book fair account or PTO is looking to invest in a reading celebration, you cannot go wrong with September Cardiff's Dr. Seuss show or any one of her programs. She is from Richmond Hill, she is affordable and flexible. We thoroughly enjoyed her visit.



"You shone like a diamond, your personality was like a flame and I was a moth. Thank You."

Ken Kelley




"It only took me a moment to realize you were a person worth knowing...and I'm thick-headed...everyone else will only take half that amount of time. Thanks for taking the time to say hello and chat with me"

Julian Mather


Richmond Hill News

Shila Cantele, Media Specialist, Richmond Hill Elementary
Fellow media specialist: Greetings!! If you are elementary or primary, please find information for a GREAT storyteller/performer attached. She has several different shows she presents. I have had her present to my elementary school in the past and the students LOVED her. I have her booked for March 3rd for Dr. Seuss, and she has a few other days available, as well as other programs she presents.





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